Pinball Owners and their Games

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 Name of OwnerLinks D.O.M.Serial No.LocationNotes
1Sebastiaan VerhoogMon 01 Mar 199350220-037742NL+Super rare Twillight zone...A true red board prototype TZ with the 3 magnets,doorflashers etc. Fully restord by Christopher Hutchins from High End Pins.
2Rush LuangsuwanThu 04 Mar 199352920-038112US  Prototype. Non-standard widebody lockdown bar. No spring for mini-playfield adjustment. Installed at Williams: working 3rd magnet, door flashers, 2 big kick optos and piano lane optos (all working)
3Playland Arcade Sun 21 Mar 199352720-000051US   
4Donnie BarnesMon 22 Mar 199352720-037802US+Machine is signed on the bottom "#1 on the run! Pat Lawlor" Detailed notes
5David ArndtWed 24 Mar 199352720-959090CA  Sample game, mint condition, third magnet working, updated clock board
6Ken FafrakWed 24 Mar 199352720-959070US  Another pre-production game !
7Dale & Mary Beth HryniewickiWed 24 Mar 199352720-951910US+Gem mint with all the goodies including factory installed 3rd magnet.
8Dean NewmanWed 24 Mar 199352720-960030US+White Clock/Green Lock. Detailed notes
9C.M. PrystawskyThu 25 Mar 199350220-952070US+reconditioned,still has some electrical issues
10Ian BaileyThu 01 Apr 199350320-752250GB  Sample game
11Andy BiltonThu 01 Apr 199350320-952250GB+Sample game, green lock, working 3rd magnet, no 'flip here' on mini-playfield
12Brian KnutsonThu 01 Apr 199352220-951096US+white clock face
13Martijn MohrThu 01 Apr 199351420-951990NL   
14Dale StevensSat 03 Apr 199352920-977440US  Early sample game
15Hans BalkMon 05 Apr 199351320-201892NL+The clock is White and the lock is green and has the 3rd magnet :-)
16Lloyd  OlsonMon 05 Apr 199352920-952280US+An early game with all the prototype or sample features.
See detailed location info.
17Jeff AndersenTue 06 Apr 199352920-973510US  The other GA Sample Game
18Sharon BakerTue 06 Apr 199352920-974010US   
19Mike MorreyTue 06 Apr 199352920-032161US  Has playfield 267841
20Greg WilkinsTue 06 Apr 199352920-973850US  Another sample game.
21David @ Knight Games Tue 06 Apr 199352920-951790US   
22John BrannanWed 07 Apr 199352920-977580US+ 
23Jim BryantWed 07 Apr 199352920-032091US   
24Chris CramerWed 07 Apr 199352920-977190US  Still has P-3 Sound !
25Michael Wed 07 Apr 199352920-952370US+ 
26Gary BartlettThu 08 Apr 199352920-032171US  Sample game
27Jonathan DeitchThu 08 Apr 199352920-032051US  My GA District Sample Game
28Larry ScottThu 08 Apr 199352920-031861US+Sample game, 3rd magnet installed and functioning, mint condition
29Jonas AnderssonMon 12 Apr 199352120-067181SE+green lock white clock
30Jeremy EdmondsMon 12 Apr 199352920-031831US   
31Thomas PohlmannMon 12 Apr 199350220-056911DE+white clock, green lock, playfield DOM April 3rd, 1993
32meiki67 Mon 12 Apr 199350320-100122AT+wh.Clock-gr.Lock
33Toney PrieweTue 13 Apr 199352920-044381US  Shopped, 9.4 ROM, white clock, no FLIP HERE on mini board, Non-bumper zone posts, orange insert, gumball sticker over plastic sign
34Jim SolbergTue 13 Apr 199350220-051711US+Mint condition. Green lock. Gumball sticker. Extra Town Square rubber.
35Erik van LooTue 13 Apr 199351320-302042NL+ 
36Olivier BlancWed 14 Apr 199350420-054271CH+It's an early production, white clock, stickers on Gumball plastic, and extra Town Square rubber.
37Håkan MalmbergWed 14 Apr 199350220-056021SE  Mint contition, 9.4H ROM, new clock
38Scott PetersenWed 14 Apr 199352920-100572US+white clock, green lock, no "flip here", "shoot here to load gumball w/lit" stickerd over "collext next spiral value w/lit" plastic on right spiral. playfield manufacture March 30, 1993.
39Scott SwazeyWed 14 Apr 199352920-052691US  Sample Game/New Powerfield
40Unknown Thu 15 Apr 199352720-054571US  White clock, Green Lock
41Gary BerschtFri 16 Apr 199352720-054321CA+White Clock, Green lock, 3rd magnet installed
42Brian DustFri 16 Apr 199353720-063691CA+Mint cond. with White clock, Green lock, extra rubber in Town Square, no wiring for 3rd magnet, & <16,000 plays.
43Dennis KinderFri 16 Apr 199352720-054171US+White clock, green lock - great shape, Fully operational
44John MohrFri 16 Apr 199352920-062781US   
45Greg PeckFri 16 Apr 199352720-063291US+White clock, green lock, drilled for post in Town Square, several mods, robot topper, plays great! See web site for email address.
46Mike PerscheidFri 16 Apr 199352920-057351US+Green lock light, NOS color clock, 9.4H ROM, extra rubber in Town Square, PinballPro speakers. Fantastic condition, operates perfectly!
47Russel WilloughbyFri 16 Apr 199352720-063151US  White Clock / New Powerfield
48Vic PineschiMon 19 Apr 199350220-063791US+Early machine, white clock,two posts, green lock
49Robert OsterbergerWed 21 Apr 199350220-059101AT+White clock, green lock, eats euros and humans!
50Mark SaundersWed 21 Apr 199352720-202562US+In fantastic shape. New L.E.D. clock, new clear ramp, all new targets, clearcoated cabinet, ect.
51Jason WengerWed 21 Apr 199352720-066281US+Unfaded, White Clock, Green Lock, Load Gumball decal over collect next spiral value sign, drilled for town square posts
52Chris GeiselmanThu 22 Apr 199350220-050591US+Early production machine, white clock, green lock light
53Martin WiestThu 22 Apr 199350220-047251DE  White Clock
54Steve CarlsonFri 23 Apr 199350220-043201US+Re-imported April 2002 from Germany. Green lock, White Clock & has posts between the pop bumpers. This Pinball Machine is in Mint Condition and will be in my collection for a very long time, as it is one of my all time favorite machines.
55Keith HartwellFri 23 Apr 199350220-203652GB+White clock, green lock, pop posts. Unfaded & unworn beauty all round. NO tacky mods!
56Taneli KaivolaFri 23 Apr 199350220-046171FI+This one is in very good condition, everything works nicely.Features: White clock, green lock, 9.4H ROM.
57Erwin BeversSat 24 Apr 199350220-063461NL+Home use only. Mint condition. Has been enjoyed a lot and very well looked after all it's life!
58Renato CostaSat 24 Apr 199350220-205842CH  White Clock
59Alberto GiuffridaSat 24 Apr 199350220-205832IT+White Clock, Green Lock, Post Town Square, 1254 on Run!
60Dave FarrMon 26 Apr 199350220-043021FR+White clock, green lock, EPROM L-1 just like new from the factory, no other mods at all.
61Ruben IglesiasMon 26 Apr 199350220-204222ES   
62Unknown Mon 26 Apr 199350420-202152FR+White clock, green lock, sticker on gumball plastic, extra town square posts, great condition
Previously owned by Jean Manchette
63Aaron & Jesseca FocklerTue 27 Apr 199350420-039991US+White face clock, green lock, re-imported from France
64Jean-Philippe PassarieuTue 27 Apr 199350420-039651FR  white clock
65Bushrod ThomasTue 27 Apr 199350420-039171US  Re-imported from Northern Europe by Johnny Pinball (jpbinc.com). Beautiful condition.
66Oliver RannouWed 28 Apr 199350420-042991FR+White clock, all playfield plastics OK, french ROM (attract mode message in French) Loved and cared since 2000.
67Mark SunnucksWed 28 Apr 199350220-131822GB+Manufacture date is that of playfield, all other date labels long gone! Has French DIP settings, Escudo coin mech, German DM coin slot label. Now in the UK. Standard machine (no green lock etc)
68Michael TotilloWed 28 Apr 199351420-050771US+White clock, Green Lock
69Daniel GoettThu 29 Apr 199350420-043421US  Green lock/White clock. Clearcoated playfield. Looks and plays fantastic. Reimport from France.
70Patrick LlorcaThu 29 Apr 199350420-039601FR+ 
71Chris RussellThu 29 Apr 199352920-058421US   
72Harald  GreichaFri 30 Apr 199350320-099061AT+L 9.2 Rom, White Clock, Mint Condition
73Bob HafernickFri 30 Apr 199352520-065921US   
74Poupard YoannFri 30 Apr 199350420-039631FR+White clock, green lock, sticker on gumball plastic, extra town square rubber
75Jim SewardMon 03 May 199352520-066311US+ 
76Thomas StalderMon 03 May 199352220-042981CH  Germany -> Switzerland
77Claude WelschbilligMon 03 May 199351320-201962LU+Originally delivered to Germany. A beautiful game, the ultimate playing pleasure !
78Edwin WolkorteMon 03 May 199351320-201982NL   
79Arne AsphjellTue 04 May 199351820-069801NO+ 
80Barry BeadmanTue 04 May 199352720-231951CA+Playfield manufacture date May, 24
81Jovan DierkxTue 04 May 199351320-200482NL+ 
82Robert EldrimTue 04 May 199352120-203732SE+Beautiful cabinet and playfield with the white clock and green lock.
83Guy HoremansTue 04 May 199351320-201702BE  white clock, ceramic powerball, green lock, best pinball EVER!
84Nicklas KarlbomTue 04 May 199352120-066471SE+In great condition. Green Lock, white Clock.
85Wijnand KlaverTue 04 May 199351320-201572NL+ 
86Andrew LundbergTue 04 May 199351320-201382US  Reimported from the Netherlands
87Norman MacraeTue 04 May 199351020-200292GB+ 
88Niek SchrotenTue 04 May 199351320-201712NL+ 
89Larry StrangeTue 04 May 199351020-205292US  White clock
90Dan SundinTue 04 May 199351020-201902GB+One of the most heavily modified TZeds on the planet, 70+ mods / changes over production, including the ultimate: a 2 1/2 inch tv running on a continuous loop from a dvd player. You can watch Twilight Zone while playing Twilight Zone.
91Unknown Tue 04 May 199351020-201882GB+Previously owned by Gary Flower
92John AndreasenWed 05 May 199352120-058661DK  White Clock
93Lindsay DawtreyWed 05 May 199351820-162451ZA   
94Jan de RuijterWed 05 May 199350720-111422NL  Home use in the Netherlands. White clock. Green lock light.
95Bjarne GregersenWed 05 May 199350220-060832DK  white clock and its very fine
96Anders HaavieWed 05 May 199351820-056121NO+ 
97Frank KastenWed 05 May 199370520-068501US+Originally shipped to Germany and re-imported
98Ole Morten FinnsetWed 05 May 199351820-057441NO+ 
99Ben NorthWed 05 May 199351020-045501IE+ 
100Nicolas PintelonWed 05 May 199350720-054701BE+white clock, green light
101Geoff PittWed 05 May 199350720-068541US+Purchased in 2009. Added pinbot shooter, fixed and replaced leds in clock, added gumballs and added gumball door flashers.
102Howard Rosenman & Gillian DionneWed 05 May 199350720-046271US+White clock, green lock, extra Town Square bumper
103Richard van TienenWed 05 May 199351020-045481NL+White clock / green lock. Excellent condition. It seems that all units with DOM May 5th were for export to Europe. Can anyone confirm this?
104Mark WilliamsWed 05 May 199350720-045311CA+Was exported to Europe (holland) and re-imported to Canada in 2001. Extra town square bumper. Rom Rev. L-1.
105Marco WopkesWed 05 May 199350220-067461DE   
106Unknown Wed 05 May 199351020-205602GB  White clock, Green Lock
107Rob BellThu 06 May 199350220-131301US  Mint playfiled and cabinet!!! Early production
108Olivier DetryThu 06 May 199350720-058951BE+Very good condition.
109Helge DirschoweitThu 06 May 199350220-131351CA  White Clock game,was exported to Europe and re-imported to Canada in July 2001
110Julio A RocheThu 06 May 199352020-058171ES+White clock, extra Town-Square posts. Currently cleaning, changing rubbers and fixing one of the clock optos!. Gumball has non-real gumballs. Original spanish coin slots 100/500 Pts. Rom Rev. L-1.
111Roger ThorntonThu 06 May 199350220-130451GB+ 
112Antoine van WijkThu 06 May 199350720-055571NL  Beautifull game with the white clock and green lock
113Marcus AleweltFri 07 May 199350220-065701DE  White Clock
114Gallen BenjaminFri 07 May 199350420-082741FR+white clock but no green lock
115Andy DreadsSat 08 May 199354567-456789GB+Got lucky with mine!!!
116Steffen ReinhartSat 08 May 199350220-069881DE+White clock, green lock, extra Town Square rubber
117Doug RowlandSat 08 May 199350220-075881US+White clock. Holes for extra posts, but no posts.
118Kim-Jona SchwenkSat 08 May 199350220-069901DE  White Clock
119Fred StockSat 08 May 199350220-076561US+German import to US that was converted to US power. Rocket, piano and gumballs added. Playfield in great shape, cabinet beat up from shipping (very litle wear on cabinet). Still accepts German currency.
120Unknown Sat 08 May 199350220-076561US+White face clock.
Previously owned by Rob Hicks, Sanford, Florida
then Todd Dietz, Lakeland, Florida
121Larry stSun 09 May 199352920-952350US  White clock, Green Lock
122Sally & Chewy ArchbellMon 10 May 199350420-068291GB+ 
123Riotteau jeromeMon 10 May 199350420-099401FR+ 
124Claude KoenigMon 10 May 199350220-075921CH+Good Condition, bought in 01/2008
125Mark PegramMon 10 May 199350220-111602US+I drove from Hamilton Oh to Phoenixville PA to pick up this beautiful TZ Machine from the Pinball Clinic, what a class act! This a an earlier machine with original White Clock and extra two post playfield. Cabinet has only a few minor bumps and bruises.
126Steven RothrockMon 10 May 199350420-204592US  Export game reimported. Game cleaned up and got the clock working again. I'll NEVER trade this game for the world.
Now to get a new Lockdown bar and maybe a new coin door.
127Davide ZaccantiMon 10 May 199350420-082971IT+ 
128Daniel BadererTue 11 May 199350320-099291AT+ 
129Scott CasterTue 11 May 199350420-084551US+White face clock with new LED clock boards, Mods: Piano, Gumballs, Backboard decal, ROM chip
130Doug ForrestTue 11 May 199350720-084801GB+White clock
131Kent KleinigTue 11 May 199350420-077711AU+Clock, lock colours... who cares? IT'S A TZ!
132Jarkko KuoppamäkiTue 11 May 199350420-073501FI+White clock with bright blue leds, 9.4H ROM
133Wayne McNabTue 11 May 199350220-130841US+Re-imported from Germany,white clock face, green lock, extra town square posts, in great condition.
134Al NeumannTue 11 May 199350420-699101US+It has the Green Lock and White Clock
135Jan AllemanWed 12 May 199350720-111622BE+ 
136Jakob BonneWed 12 May 199350920-105281DK  White clock.
Have made a new slotmachine plastic myself to replace the broken one.
137Ariel LeonThu 13 May 199351420-139701US+european model purchased in NY,white clock some upgrades.
138Jon HallFri 14 May 199351020-082641GB   
139Carl HipkinsFri 14 May 199351020-138951GB+White clock,Green lock. Unmodified and in good overall condition.Played a lot!! Well its not just to look at is it???
140Jelle NelemansFri 14 May 199351020-139101NL+Sample game. White clock, Green lock, Extra posts and rubbers in Town Square. Translite has cut-out stars. Looks and plays great!
141Andrew StockdaleFri 14 May 199351020-133911GB+White clock, green lock. 9.4h Roms. Custom left Spiral plastic.
142Andy SurferSat 15 May 199350220-052491GB+Green Lock. White Clock. Was in Germany as it still has the 20f/1DM coin slots. Roms Rev. L2. Sound SY.261 5/4/93
143Jeremy DohmMon 17 May 199352520-098471US+Early production brought back to the states. Original white face clock, April 29th PF date stamp. Plugs in Town Square. Otherwise standard production.
144Jeff PaletzMon 17 May 199350420-138561US+It was imported back from France, had FR on coin door. I've installed upgraded speakers from Pinball Pro and flashers from PinGizmo. Has colored clock and green lock lens. In excellent condition.
145Darren HarrisonTue 18 May 199350120-092701AU+Un-modded, just purchase in Private Sale, some parts need replacement, plays perfect.
146Christian HeilmannTue 18 May 199352520-094611DE  Color Clock
147Cyril ZengerWed 19 May 199352520-098481CH+ 
148Bob BresslerThu 20 May 199350120-090251US  Thanks to Joel Cook for bringing the game to 100%
149Martin Daniel CersosimoThu 20 May 199350120-112962AR+The machine was bought Juan Manuel Ibanez
150Phil ChoufiThu 20 May 199352720-075171US+ 
151Ian CullenThu 20 May 199350120-095801GB   
152Joseph DziedzicThu 20 May 199352720-080901US+ 
153Marcos HedgesThu 20 May 199350120-135731PR+Green lock, colored clock Detailed Notes
154juan manuel ibanezThu 20 May 199350120-112962AR+Mods: Clock lamps were replaced with leds, 1 magnet was added to diverter ramp. rom L-2, sound 2.61 very nice conditions
155Mark JacobsonThu 20 May 199352720-100221US   
156Rob LassnerThu 20 May 199352720-093301US+My Add-ons: Robby the robot, Lighted Die Cast Slot machine, Camera Miniature , Gumballs , Diverter Magnet , Upper Playfield Lamp Mod, Pinball Rocket Mod, Upper Playfield Ruby Pyramid Mod, Battery Remote Kit, Red Clock Housing, Backboard Decal.
157Dan MunozThu 20 May 199350120-100611US  UK Game, Reimported
158Harold BaldeFri 21 May 199353220-080341CA  H-8
159Heiner BieselFri 21 May 199352720-113421US   
160Simon GribbleFri 21 May 199350120-084131AU+Imported from Japan, fantastic condition.
161Luis PorresFri 21 May 199352720-075211US+ 
162Jason RuferFri 21 May 199350120-083831US+Reimport from Japan, Superb condition. No fading,never drilled. Clock mods done. New clock housing, Pingizmo door flashers. Gumballs added. Reinforced slot target. 9.4H ROM installed.
163Ritchie SolomonFri 21 May 199352720-074101US   
164Jeremy StoneFri 21 May 199352720-062262US+ 
165Alan & Fran SwireFri 21 May 199352720-061962US   
166Tom TaylorFri 21 May 199352720-074251US+ 
167Larry & Andi TumaFri 21 May 199352720-087221US   
168Mitch Fri 21 May 199352720-061942US+ 
169Phil Fri 21 May 199352720-085951US+ 
170Steven GoSat 22 May 199352720-105671US   
171Mike TriplettSun 23 May 199352720-078501US+ 
172Mike CoxMon 24 May 199352720-051141US  A home-use-only TZ !
173J HurdMon 24 May 199353220-093041US   
174Brad KershawMon 24 May 199350120-085891US+Shipped to CA from Buenos Aires. Shopped by T-minus one, By Chris and Jason.
175Paul LevineMon 24 May 199353220-081551US+Home Use Only
176Chris RumohrMon 24 May 199352720-134381US+ 
177Randy VoseMon 24 May 199353220-116421US   
178Robert Warner Mon 24 May 199352720-133621US+Bought N.I.B. on 06-03-93 for pinball business. Used until 7/02.
Near mint. Just clock heat problems. Some near date I'll put in LED's. Also own near mint Road Show.
179Michael ZwerlingMon 24 May 199353220-066612US+ 
180Brian BaniewiczTue 25 May 199352020-069622US  Re-imported from Madrid
181Brian  ConeyTue 25 May 199352720-077461US+Complete rebuild in process..will be mint when finished!!
182Joshua CooperTue 25 May 199352720-072281US   
183Mark HoracekTue 25 May 199352720-066812US   
184Michael McNeillTue 25 May 199352720-061122US  A former Galleria TZ
185Matthias MeyerTue 25 May 199350220-123521DE+Clock with white LED´s, nice Condition
186Andre NeedhamTue 25 May 199352720-096511US   
187Shane NielsonTue 25 May 199352720-116551US+ 
188Andrew PeddieTue 25 May 199350220-100861GB  Works alright - just needs a cabinet & backbox! May get parted out unless someone has a good cabinet & backbox
189Keith ScrogginsTue 25 May 199350220-073701US+Re-imported from Germany
190Marcin TrzaskowskiTue 25 May 199350220-133861PL+This machine was home use only !!
191John BowesWed 26 May 199352720-121521US+9.4H, 2 powerballs, PBLIZ Clock Boards, Robby the Robot addon, GUM-BALL flasher kit, gumballs
192Steffen JelittoWed 26 May 199350220-065242DE+Color clock, yellow lock, 9.2 ROM, perfect condition
193Steve (Skeets) KellyWed 26 May 199352020- 124211US  Excellent condition, No playfield wear, No Cabinet fade, All the normal upgrades and add ons......
194Mike KempWed 26 May 199350220-123211GB+Wicked machine
195Juan Antonio MartinWed 26 May 199352020-120091ES+Excellent condition, Gumball Machine lights
196Chris McCloudWed 26 May 199352020-069802US+100% shopped & working condition, 9.4 H, Gumballs Mod & Clearcoated Playfield.
197Mike SchudelWed 26 May 199352020-122781US+Beautiful condition with no cabinet fade or playfield wear. New PBLiz clock boards and proximity sensor, clear main ramp, L9.4H home game Rom.
198Tim ShowalterWed 26 May 199352020-121441US+Re-imported from Spain
199Unknown Wed 26 May 199352720-123671US  Sold by Keith Foy to ??
200Markstrom AndersThu 27 May 199352220-114611SE+ 
201Chris BartlettThu 27 May 199352720-125861US+ 
202Dave ClairmontThu 27 May 199350220-129491US  Reimported German game
203Chris Crocker-WhiteThu 27 May 199352520-124881GB  Not perfect, but plays great :)
204Vincent De GoedeThu 27 May 199352120-125761NL+ 
205Diederik DrommelThu 27 May 199352220-124371NL+Very beautifull machine, with gumballs-piano-rocket-camera-gumball lights-extra flashers and the pyramid on top !!
206Keith  FittonThu 27 May 199352520-121241IM  Private from new
207Peter FosterThu 27 May 199352520-125051AU+Rear label claims machine is a TWIGLIGHT ZONE and was manufactured in November 1994!
208Darren HayneThu 27 May 199352220-124581CH+ 
209Hero IdemaThu 27 May 199351320-127781NL+ 
210Charles NivisonThu 27 May 199352520-125321US+Great shape, piano, gumballs and gumball light mods; cabinet, playfield and translite: 8.5 - 9.0
211Ken SchwiekerThu 27 May 199352220-121411US   
212Kevin StoneThu 27 May 199352520-124781US+sorting the blanket of time
213Unknown Thu 27 May 199352520-127251GB   
214Michel FortemsFri 28 May 199350420-127551BE   
215Doug KistFri 28 May 199352720-114232US+ 
216Terry NelsonFri 28 May 199353220-067712US+ 
217Purre PerssonFri 28 May 199352120-127601SE+ 
218Al  ThomkaFri 28 May 199353220-117322US+Detailed Notes
219Jerry WeismanFri 28 May 199350420-068232US   
220Greg RosenTue 01 Jun 199352720-128681US   
221Bob RussoTue 01 Jun 199352720-120632US   
222Mark ZahnerTue 01 Jun 199352720-129091US   
223Jim ZalesnyTue 01 Jun 199353220-083651US   
224Mark DenovichWed 02 Jun 199353220-144701US  Home use only !
225Damien DrouartWed 02 Jun 199350420-115872FR+ 
226John HermannWed 02 Jun 199353320-113302US   
227Ian MercadoWed 02 Jun 199353220-120722US+Home use only since 1995. Nice condition. Has been under J. Deitch's loving care a couple of times.
228Mike PowellWed 02 Jun 199353220-144681US+I Picked this up in Ohio, I think it was around 2004. One of the main reasons I bought this one was no fading to cabinet.
229Unknown Wed 02 Jun 199350420-120382FR+Previously owned by Benoît Lestang
230Jeff  BlanchetThu 03 Jun 199353220-076931US+ 
231Orin DayThu 03 Jun 199353220-118782US+SN label says VOLTS 120 08 Hz AMPS 60 :)
232Bryan DurallThu 03 Jun 199353220-143941US   
233Willi MaasThu 03 Jun 199350220-119592DE  good condition, greetz from Germany :O)
234Jeffrey J. PennisiThu 03 Jun 199353220-127211US+Will add Pingizmo's third magnet kit.
235Brian RomancheckThu 03 Jun 199353220-127131US+Owned since May 1994 This game was only operated for a few months
236David RosenbergThu 03 Jun 199353220-141411US+ 
237Unknown Thu 03 Jun 199350220-119132PL+in very good condition, rescued from dirty garage in small town and now in good hands here :)
238Unknown Thu 03 Jun 199353220-151771US  Absolutely gorgeous and in showroom condition. Added the TZ D Door Flasher kit.
Previously owned by Mitchell Clure
239Rob ChalmersFri 04 Jun 199352720-145881US   
240Ronnie DiffeyFri 04 Jun 199352720-149231US+ 
241Jay 'Whip' GrizzardFri 04 Jun 199353220-143541US   
242James Huston Fri 04 Jun 199352720-122242US+Beautiful machine. First thing I ever bought on ebay.
Also has an FCC label with date code of 93-150 on it!
243Keith JohnsonFri 04 Jun 199352720-153771US   
244Andrej KanjerFri 04 Jun 199351420-145671HR+In excellent condition, white clock, 9.2 ROM, had around 15k games when bought
245Bradley KohnFri 04 Jun 199352720-121852US  Another former Galleria TZ.
246James OkuboFri 04 Jun 199352720-154161US+ 
247Taylor& Kristen& Ava ReeseFri 04 Jun 199352720-156341US  Gumballs and light mod, LED clock lamp replacement, 100% shopped and working
248Troy WilliamsFri 04 Jun 199352720-141891US  9.4H ROM, robot, piano, and gumball additions. Excellent Condition.
249Joe BarbaraSat 05 Jun 199352720-155931US+ 
250De Reu JeremySat 05 Jun 199350720-059011BE+so great game wowwwwww...so happy to have it
251Fred KemperSat 05 Jun 199352720-141091US+Has Pinball Lizard "prototype" clock boards, trough proximity boards and flipper boards! Purchased off only location in 1995.
252Fred KemperSat 05 Jun 199352720-126012US+Came with white faced clock. Odd. Played hard.
253Unknown Sat 05 Jun 199350220-067801DE  White clock, 9.4H ROM, condition: 1-2, need to fix Switch #26....
Previously owned by Stefan Kiewitt
254Phil BrockSun 06 Jun 199353220-085381US+ 
255Ben FaberSun 06 Jun 199350220-150021US+ 
256Steven BryantMon 07 Jun 199352720-158551US+collectors condition,flawless operation
257Jon ChristianMon 07 Jun 199352720-153261US+Third magnet installed. Reproduction prototype clock decal.
258Steve  CohenMon 07 Jun 199352720-152661US+Collector Condition
259Bill CrisafulliMon 07 Jun 199352720-125902US+ 
260Kevin Pinhead DanielsMon 07 Jun 199353220-142441US  I bought, fixed and sold 27 machines to get enough money to buy this one and would do it all again.
261Mike GrattonMon 07 Jun 199352720-152241CA+MINT game. Color clock and orange lock. Has backboard decal, post holes (covered) in pop bumper area, and flash lamp mod.
262Pete/Kathy HaduchMon 07 Jun 199353220-141871US+ 
263Paul HartmanMon 07 Jun 199352720-143341US+ 
264Dave JonesMon 07 Jun 199352720-143141US+ 
265Phillip KeplerMon 07 Jun 199352720-152951US  """Oh The Greed ... """
266Jim KoempelMon 07 Jun 199353220-154401US+ 
267Tim KuoMon 07 Jun 199353220-154131US   
268Tom LopezMon 07 Jun 199352720-141861US+Mint condition, Originally exported to Warsaw Poland. There until Aug. 2002, I purchased it Nov. 2002. Have added plastic gumballs and player piano.
269Warren McCullochMon 07 Jun 199352720-143811CA+Has star cutouts in translite
270Amy RyanMon 07 Jun 199352720-125962US+ 
271Dale StevensMon 07 Jun 199353220-122902US+ 
272Terry VothMon 07 Jun 199352720-143071CA   
273Sandra WhitingMon 07 Jun 199352720-143171US   
274Steve ZamonskiMon 07 Jun 199352720-145591US   
275Jerry BrzeczekTue 08 Jun 199350420-123762US+Great Condition with White Clock.
276Tom CapekTue 08 Jun 199352720-157201US  9.4 H ROMs with 3rd Magnet
277Glenn ChatfieldTue 08 Jun 199352720-125252US   
278Tony D'AprileTue 08 Jun 199353220-126062US+ 
279David DeturckTue 08 Jun 199350420-161361BE+Original rubber colors, NOS powerball, new dot matrix display, 9.4h rom installed
280Steve EvansTue 08 Jun 199353220-123232US+ 
281Grahame FairallTue 08 Jun 199351020-162701GB  Standard production game, though WHAT A GAME, Pat Lawlor's best along with Roadshow imo
282Richard GirlingTue 08 Jun 199351020-156591GB+ 
283Mark HTue 08 Jun 199351020-157921GB+ 
284Michael KrausTue 08 Jun 199353220-157101US   
285Michael PurcellTue 08 Jun 199352720-157521CA+This is the best of three TZs that I had at the same time, I kept the best for myself! Machine was parts machine so had very very little use! Mint!
Pinball Manuals
286John RhodesTue 08 Jun 199352720-121582US+9.4H ROMs
287Craig RowlandTue 08 Jun 199353220-122852US   
288David StambaughTue 08 Jun 199352720-158051US   
289Samuli TuomolaTue 08 Jun 199351020-157241FI+Running localized 9.4H ROM (replacing french), plays good after fixes, still could use a clean and polish
290Andy BostynWed 09 Jun 199350720-158631BE  Pingizmo's Door Panel Flasher Kit, Gumball Machine Lighting Kit & Remote Battery Kit installed
291Peter IngemarssonWed 09 Jun 199350920-162411SE+ 
292Wynand Jansen van VuurenWed 09 Jun 199351820-124652ZA+Very good condition
293Arjan LugthartWed 09 Jun 199350720-165271NL+ 
294Olivier  Reyes Wed 09 Jun 199350420-121032BE+TZ in perfect state. Mods : color gumballs, light in the gumballs, new electronic card with led (clock).
295Aeneas VerheWed 09 Jun 199350720-155191BE+In almost perfect condition !
296Roland VuillequezWed 09 Jun 199350420-126332FR  mint condition, never drilled, standard clock.
297J. Weaver Jr.Wed 09 Jun 199350720-161611US+ 
298Anthony AlferaThu 10 Jun 199352720-166281US+New Clock board installed. Origional Mint Condition.
299Jernej DobelsekThu 10 Jun 199350220-120372SI+ 
300Alberto FabrissinThu 10 Jun 199352720-160771IT+ 
301Lee FernandesThu 10 Jun 199350220-126872US+Picked up game on Jan 8th 2006. I drove almost 400 miles to pick it up in person in clarksville MD. Ive always been a huge fan of Rod Serling and the TWILIGHT ZONE. I've loved the machine from the first time I played it's a true pinball classic.
302Andrew HuntThu 10 Jun 199350220-166541GB+Acquired it in 2004. One very tiny ding at the front edge. No scratches or marks and no fading to the artwork whatsoever. It was very dirty and had been in storage for about six years before I made it look like new again.
303Jan JanssenThu 10 Jun 199350220-118272NL+White clock, back-side decal, gumballs+lights, 3rd magnet, door flashers, piano, top-pyramid; super condition!
304Janne KananenThu 10 Jun 199352520-120852FI   
305Brad LovejoyThu 10 Jun 199352720-128322US+ROM 9.4, Pinball Pro Speakers. Mods: Rocket , Blue Clock, Gumball Machine Light + Gumballs. Excellent condition.
306Ken McKirahanThu 10 Jun 199350220-118392US+drilled clock with new optics
307Klaus MühleisenThu 10 Jun 199350220-120692DE  Color Clock, Yellow-Lock
308Jeff NewtonThu 10 Jun 199353220-130822US+Been owned by 3 collectors already in Texas
309Tobias SteffensThu 10 Jun 199350220-166551DE+ 
310Gary BakerFri 11 Jun 199353220-118962US+ 
311Jason BeanFri 11 Jun 199353220-168401US+ 
312Lou BeckermanFri 11 Jun 199353220-167381US   
313Tim BeelerFri 11 Jun 199353220-151691US  Great shape!
314The Blonder Family WestFri 11 Jun 199352720-166501US+ROM: 9.4H
315Eric BoshovenFri 11 Jun 199353220-144051US+My first pinball machine- pretty good shape overall
316Aaron CurranFri 11 Jun 199353220-121822US+ 
317Joe FrohlichFri 11 Jun 199352720-166051US   
318Enver HaaseFri 11 Jun 199350220-151721DE+Have installed 8 white 3000mcd LEDs in the clock.
319Kirk JongFri 11 Jun 199352720-118162US+ 
320Jim LindsayFri 11 Jun 199352720-167341CA+9.4H ROMs
321Lance MoodyFri 11 Jun 199353220-127132US+ 
322Brian PellerinFri 11 Jun 199353220-148061US+ 
323John / Pat ScheetzFri 11 Jun 199353220-126982US   
324Joseph TiritilliFri 11 Jun 199353220-121482US+Pinball Pro Speakers, various mods: lite-up Rocket, Lite-Up Gum Ball Machine, Stand-up Quarter, Lite-up Plunger, Lite-up Camera, Discontinued Flashers, Piano, TV Set, Instruction Cards, Diverter Ball Bounce Magnet.
325Matt YoungFri 11 Jun 199353220-148401US+ 
326Unknown Fri 11 Jun 199350220-117812US+White clock, new cabinet decals, clear-coated playfield, various "prototype" MODs including "third" magnet installation.
Previously owned by Chris Bucci
327Tom ErricoSat 12 Jun 199352720-117442US+Beautiful condition except some fading on left side of cabinet. Was originally on location around the Orlando resort area.
328Mark GalstererSat 12 Jun 199352720-171781US   
329Steven LindenbackSat 12 Jun 199352720-1xxxxxCA+Found this beauty in absolutely mint condition collecting dust in the back of a vendors shop. It sat for over five years with a restart problem that he couldn't figure out. Installed LED clock board with red housing, gumballs and pyramid topper.
330Ron SalnySat 12 Jun 199353220-178141US   
331Scott ShepherdSat 12 Jun 199353220-117462US+ 
332Dean SmithSat 12 Jun 199352720-170321CA+My first machine, everything working great, excelent condition, some upgrades, very fun machine!
333Jim WestSat 12 Jun 199352720-148571US+ 
334Kevin M. ChandlerSun 13 Jun 199352720-165131US+ 
335Matthias MarquardtSun 13 Jun 199350220-183211DE+Nice condition, not many games played
336Ron ChanMon 14 Jun 199352720-175211US+Enhancements: robot, piano, slot machine, 9.4h rom, 3rd magnet, backboard decal, rocket, camera, fully restored
337Steve ChappelMon 14 Jun 199351020-178551US+Bill Davis clearcoat, no fade on cab, clock upgrade, new HV board, robot topper and more!
338Bob ColemanMon 14 Jun 199353320-191461US+ 
339Bill FisherMon 14 Jun 1993527201-30962US+ 
340Gareth HolderMon 14 Jun 199352720-170081US+ 
341Will IraceMon 14 Jun 199352720-171571US   
342Ken LaceyMon 14 Jun 199352720-130512US   
343Richard MoffettMon 14 Jun 199352720-176741CA+It came from an arcade, well used needed a lot of fixing up
344Scott OlsenMon 14 Jun 199352720-171471US+ 
345Al PalgonMon 14 Jun 199352720-118652US   
346Rogerio PenalvaMon 14 Jun 199352720-127252BR+ 
347Brad SagarinMon 14 Jun 199352720-178381US   
348Tom SherryMon 14 Jun 199352720-170721US   
349Russell SimmonsMon 14 Jun 199352720-017625US   
350Bill TopritzhoferMon 14 Jun 199352720-148811US+ 
351Mark ValentineMon 14 Jun 199351020-127295GB+Home use from new (I bought it from Deith Leisure). I'd estimate around 5000 plays. Haven't yet cleaned the playfield!
352Dan WilgaMon 14 Jun 199352720-169501US   
353Arnett WilliamsonMon 14 Jun 199352720-171671US+Color clock / "mint" Condition
354Chris YapMon 14 Jun 199352720-158721US   
355Kim and Nancy AndingTue 15 Jun 199350420-128652US+Originally exported to Germany
356Dave ArganbrightTue 15 Jun 199352720-186982US   
357Tim CasolinoTue 15 Jun 199352720-124832IT+Playfield in excellent condition. Software Rev. L-3
358Mats LarssonTue 15 Jun 199352120-131922SE+ 
359Adrian & Sarah LodgeTue 15 Jun 199350420-142091GB  Imported from France. Has additional holes for posts / rubbers in the pop bumper area.
360Byron TurnerTue 15 Jun 199352720-129982US+ 
361Ed WahlTue 15 Jun 199350420-169761US+Export game reimported. VERY beatup. Needs tons of work. Color clock, coin door interlock.
362Sebastian AnderssonWed 16 Jun 199350220-129392SE+ 
363Stephen AthertonWed 16 Jun 199352120-188991GB+Very good codition, standard with no mods
364Dennis DomingoWed 16 Jun 199350220-133852US+Re-import. In Excellent condition. Have owned since May of 2001.
365Dr. Carlo FuererWed 16 Jun 199350220-132762DE+ 
366Stefan LagfalkWed 16 Jun 199352120-133322SE+In good condition. Color clock.
367John MunroWed 16 Jun 199352120-189021GB+ 
368Jordy SassenWed 16 Jun 199351320-178031NL+green/red clock,piano mod,all plastics ok,nice playfield,Good condition
369Johan von BoismanWed 16 Jun 199352520-219131SE+ 
370Richard  WitteveenWed 16 Jun 199351320-131582NL+ 
371Jesse BalcerThu 17 Jun 199353220-189731US+was in home use for many years
372Perry Blanchard Jr.Thu 17 Jun 199353220-186061US+Near new condition, beautiful table
373Jaczel JimenezThu 17 Jun 199353220-181961CR+I love it, like my Killer Instinct 1 Machine
374Bryan KellyThu 17 Jun 199353220-182241US+ 
375Craig MappThu 17 Jun 199350620-189181AU+ 
376David NeddeThu 17 Jun 199350220-132582US   
377Eddie PettitThu 17 Jun 199353220-182491US+ 
378Cliff TuckerThu 17 Jun 199350620-189691AU+Fantastic Playfield, 9.2 and 9.4H Roms, Perfect original condition. Restoring it.
379Eberhard BaumgaertnerFri 18 Jun 199350220-134782DE+Great pin. I have upgraded to 9.4H rom and customized the clock with bright led´s. near to mint condition!
380Ken CollierFri 18 Jun 199353220-135032US   
381Randy DavenportFri 18 Jun 199353220-134702US+ 
382Kyle JohnstoneFri 18 Jun 199353270-135202US+Detailed Notes
383Mike KaneFri 18 Jun 199353220-130762US+ 
384Todd MatesFri 18 Jun 199353220-129222US+ 
385Chris MercerFri 18 Jun 199353220-131782US+ 
386Steve NicholsFri 18 Jun 199353220-159771US+ 
387Erik NielsenFri 18 Jun 199353220-184761US+ 
388Michel OversteynsFri 18 Jun 199350220-131952BE+ 
389Joe SchoberFri 18 Jun 199353220-181811US+ 
390Mark ScohyFri 18 Jun 199353220-129212US+Just a nice example of the game
391Hermann WilkenFri 18 Jun 199350220-131862DE+LED-Clock
392Bruce WillardFri 18 Jun 199353220-135832US+Mods include backboard decal, 3-D piano, slot target bending fix, gumball flashers on door, blue neon rail lights, colored gumballs, 9.4H rom, NOS Powerball.
393Michael BarthelowSat 19 Jun 199352720-137132US+ 
394dan carnahanSat 19 Jun 199352720-185031US+ 
395Eric KnutsonSat 19 Jun 199353320-114732US+ 
396David LowSat 19 Jun 199353220-15801US   
397John MohrSat 19 Jun 199353220-159731US   
398James ShoemakerSat 19 Jun 199352720-184801US   
399Ryan TrollSat 19 Jun 199353220-159611US   
400Peo ZetterbergSat 19 Jun 199350220-186491SE+ 
401Mike BlaszczakMon 21 Jun 199352720-160521US+ 
402Chris KnollMon 21 Jun 199352720-194431US+used only briefly in arcade; for sale in video/pinball store for months; I've owned it since Nov. 1994 (today is 6/25/08); outstanding condition, no mods, original clock and optos still work, though the :00 minute opto is getting flaky, orig. factory ROM
403Paul LahaiseMon 21 Jun 199352720-191001US  Mfd on Paul's Birthday !
404Dave LangleyMon 21 Jun 199350220-191701GB+Absolutely Perfect game, no bangs, scrapes or damage anywhere :o) Imported from Denmark to UK.
405Mike MinchewMon 21 Jun 199352720-192071US   
406Gonzalo MirandaMon 21 Jun 199350220-196121ES+Excellent condition
407Dave ShraderMon 21 Jun 199352720-145921US+ 
408Dan WardMon 21 Jun 199352720-191081CA+Regular production run machine: colored clock face, orange lock.
409Chris WenkMon 21 Jun 199350320-078312DE+This pin is in pristine condition :-)
410Reed WilsonMon 21 Jun 199352720-190151US+ 
411Craig CollinsTue 22 Jun 199352720-194621US+Yellow lock, color clock, rocket ship, door flashers, gumballs, great game
412Nick EdwardsTue 22 Jun 199352720-190541AU   
413Rudi GrootjansTue 22 Jun 199350220-138242NL+ 
414Cody JohnsonTue 22 Jun 199352720-135642US+ 
415Rich MclainTue 22 Jun 199353220-194181US   
416Randall SmalleyTue 22 Jun 1993527201-90691US+9.4H Rom, Upgraded speakers, LED update for Clock
417Aldo WijngaardsTue 22 Jun 199350220-127371NL+mint condition
418Marco BusellatoWed 23 Jun 199351420-193821IT+ 
419Andrea CaschiliWed 23 Jun 199351420-193321IT+total restored!!!
420Bruce ClarkWed 23 Jun 199351020-161091US  Eurpean/Resold in US
421Phlip DixonWed 23 Jun 199350420-070282GB+ 
422Ivan DurneenWed 23 Jun 199351420-177261GB  Machine was originally in Germany. Colour clock. I completely stripped and shopped it. Works perfectly. Added a few mods - 9.4H rom, Gumball leds and balls, diverter magnet, door flashers, stengthened slot machine target, extra lock lane light.
423Jason MuirWed 23 Jun 199350420-070902GB+ 
424Nicola NeavesWed 23 Jun 199350420-197061GB+Colour clock,Gumballs,Mint & Very Beautiful
425Alex PriceWed 23 Jun 199351020-188641GB  Currently being rebuilt/restored.
426Jim SimpsonWed 23 Jun 199352720-137782US   
427David WebbWed 23 Jun 199352720-137762US   
428Steve WhiteleyWed 23 Jun 199351020-129112GB+Coloured clock and yellow lock. Restored by a quality enthusiast. Originally for Roger Taylor - Queen drummer!
429Nigel WorsleyWed 23 Jun 199350420-186941GB+Colour clock, Yellow lock. Broken Magnaflip sign, otherwise very clean.
430Unknown Wed 23 Jun 199351020-159951GB+For sale
431Dick BellThu 24 Jun 199353220-136322US   
432Mike CoatesThu 24 Jun 199350420-071572GB+ 
433Ron EichelmanThu 24 Jun 199353220-142701US+ 
434Kevin FehrThu 24 Jun 199353220-193391US   
435Petri JaloThu 24 Jun 199351120-192661FI+ 
436Roland Joyal, Jr.Thu 24 Jun 199353220-189261US+ 
437Steve & Terri  KordekThu 24 Jun 199353220-189261US+Still enjoying the game in 2006. Now have a collection of 12 games
438Terri & Steve KordekThu 24 Jun 199353220-138812US+ 
439Roi KurganThu 24 Jun 199352520-139242ZA+ 
440Mike ScottThu 24 Jun 199353220-159031US   
441Stewart StanyardThu 24 Jun 199353220-193421US+Owner since 1999, perfect working order, graded at 9.5
442Mike ThomasThu 24 Jun 199350420-198821US  Near perfect playfield, just shopped, excellent condition, awesome to play!
443Juhana UotilaThu 24 Jun 199351120-071162FI+ 
444Unknown Thu 24 Jun 199350420-138422GB  Found complete in a back garden. Re-built and works just fine. Previously owned by Ian Bailey
445Dwight AndersenFri 25 Jun 199353220-203181US+White clock w/mods
446Jim CopelandFri 25 Jun 199353220-199591US   
447Keith FoyFri 25 Jun 199353220-070522US   
448Matt GerdingFri 25 Jun 199353220-202151US+beautiful, perfect condition
449Peter HoerberFri 25 Jun 199352720- 201931US+9.4H, PB Liz Clock & Prox board, Pin Gizmo's door flashers & gumball lighting kit. Game is flawless.
450Joshua KimbleFri 25 Jun 199353220-192631US+ 
451Peter MarakFri 25 Jun 199353220-202451US  Has PBLiz clock boards.
452Barry SchifferFri 25 Jun 199353220-138902US+Outstanding condition
453Eric SchmittFri 25 Jun 199353220-206501US+Sound system upgraded with help from The Korn. Production clock and powerfield. Home ROM's
454Tuukka TikkanenFri 25 Jun 199351120-188481FI   
455Joe CortneySat 26 Jun 199353220-205531US+White Clock
456Bryce D. HartSat 26 Jun 199352720-203681US+ 
457Marc TuckerSat 26 Jun 199353220-188221US   
458Steven WilliamsSat 26 Jun 199353220-208691US   
459Ray WorrallSat 26 Jun 199352720-199051US  Looking for more info on TZ
460Unknown Sat 26 Jun 199352720-208951CA+9.4H ROMs, PBLIZ minutes board
Previously owned by Adam MacMurray
461John GreenwoodSun 27 Jun 199351020-089632GB+ 
462Mike  BrownMon 28 Jun 199352720-073332US  A retired arcade machine to which I added the missing Powerball
463Eugene GershsteinMon 28 Jun 199352720-073242CA+ 
464Larry  KitchenMon 28 Jun 199352720-207821US   
465Martyn LovellMon 28 Jun 199352720-137682US+ 
466Lou PerazzoliMon 28 Jun 199352720-166921US+9.4H Roms, PBLiz clock boards
467Brian SheldonMon 28 Jun 199352720-196211US   
468Steve SimacMon 28 Jun 199352720-144071CA+found in great condition, just putting some final touches on it...truly a great machine!!!
469James ThomasMon 28 Jun 199352720-209121US+ 
470Al VermeulenMon 28 Jun 199352720-073962US   
471Robert WalesMon 28 Jun 199352720-193491US   
472Tim AndersonTue 29 Jun 199352820-209521US+White clock, sound upgrade (subwoofer), gumballs, rocket, piano, quarter on end, robby the robot, slot machine, flashing gumball door lights, pyramid mod, and alien topper.
473Ryan AveryTue 29 Jun 199352720-074512US   
474Jim DenewethTue 29 Jun 199352720-204111US+ 
475Robbie DicksonTue 29 Jun 199352720-073932US+3rd magnet installed (recently), orange lock, clock passage, non-proto clock face, pinball lizard clock boards, 455 lamps in backbox, playfield sn 088192, 100% working
476Geoffrey DutfieldTue 29 Jun 199352720-212171CA+ 
477Greg LaPointeTue 29 Jun 199352720-209201CA+machine is really nice...probably the best pin ever!
478Gaston J. G. LoperenaTue 29 Jun 199352720-075342AR+Excellent condition, completely original, all numbers match. Complete with original manuals.
479Fred M. + Tracey P.Tue 29 Jun 199352720-211491US   
480Damon OreskyTue 29 Jun 199352720-204821US+Bought for my 40th day gift by me!
481Kevin RigsbyTue 29 Jun 199352720-211121US  White clock, Clear (not smoke) main ramp, Lighted Gumball, neon ramps, 3D slotmachine, 3D Piano, 3D Robbie robot, 3D rocket
482Grant SchenckTue 29 Jun 199352720-177731US   
483Jeremy WilsonTue 29 Jun 199352720-209031US   
484Bart BaeyensWed 30 Jun 199350720-215851BE+White clock , Orange lock . Not a big fan of TZ but this is mint so I just had to keep it. Home ROMs
485Al HamiltonWed 30 Jun 199352720-215381CA+A family favorite. Rottendog clockboard, gumball light, reinforced scoops & targets, 9.4H roms
486James HoxseyWed 30 Jun 199352720-215101US+ 
487Albert KoncuratWed 30 Jun 199350620-075872AU+ 
488Hans KortewegWed 30 Jun 199350720-210111NL+ 
489Leigh SmithWed 30 Jun 199350620-133622AU   
490Jurgen van de PeppelWed 30 Jun 199350720-199171NL   
491Mike BijlThu 01 Jul 199350220-123802NL+Nice pinball and very clean.......mods gumbals and door-lights
492Oliver Byrne (yourgiz)Thu 01 Jul 199350220-075592ES+In very very good condition, new clock, and I have the rare pyramid mod in battle the power mini play field, ball bearings in gumball that look like mini pinballs.
493Edward CoxThu 01 Jul 199351020-076172US+ 
494Doug GrahamThu 01 Jul 199350220-206631US  European/Resold in US, H8
495Ron KralThu 01 Jul 199350220-216881US+Great shape, re-import from Holland
496Brian LambertThu 01 Jul 199350220-073522US+Reimported from (I think) the UK - PF is in great shape, but cabinet has a large, albeit repaired, gouge on the right side but red colors remain brilliant, with no fade).
497Patrick ThomasThu 01 Jul 199350220-130752GB   
498Richard WhiteThu 01 Jul 199351020-074702GB+ 
499Koos BlaauwFri 02 Jul 199352520-206281NL+ 
500Gerard DostFri 02 Jul 199351420-124462NL+ 
501Ash GibbinsFri 02 Jul 199350220-078902AU+she's had a good life. Ready to be stripped, spanked and made like gold once again :)
502Janne IgnatiusFri 02 Jul 199351020-075752FI   
503Ferdinand WolfFri 02 Jul 199350220-078852DE+I'am searching for flipper fans in my neigborhood!
504Tomas MobergWed 07 Jul 199351020-212741SE+ 
505Robert DunningFri 09 Jul 199351320-182202NL+ 
506Howard L. CohenMon 12 Jul 199352320-077392US+Playing while upgrading and "shopping" it. It is for home use
507Hans KollmannMon 12 Jul 199350320-076282AT   
508Sam BruursWed 14 Jul 199352520-076822NL+Fully fixed. Great shape.
509Sean HotalingWed 14 Jul 199352320-076832US  Bought the game from Austria, excellent shape, home use only
510Adam  AglionbyThu 15 Jul 199351020-213011GB+under reconstruction ;-)
511Mark EntwistleThu 15 Jul 199351020-217701GB  Added the door flasher bulbs as in the original design
512Matthew KleinoskyThu 15 Jul 199351020-210761CA+ 
513Adrian & Sarah LodgeThu 15 Jul 199351020-079552GB   
514Tony Louise MansellThu 15 Jul 199351020-079552GB+One of two tables in our home
515John MorrisonThu 15 Jul 199351020-221441US   
516Michael SaundersThu 15 Jul 199353220-154441US   
517David H SmithThu 15 Jul 199352520-216831GB+ 
518Neil WerdmullerThu 15 Jul 199351020-219231GB+Original machine
519The Blonder Family EastFri 16 Jul 199351020-221491US+ 
520Michael HabermanSun 18 Jul 199353220-089582US  Shopped with many new parts than old.
521Erol SaydamTue 20 Jul 199351320-080352NL  In very good shape
522Christophe VerbruggeTue 20 Jul 199351320-220691BE+Cool game, All what you can dream, it's true!!!
523Unknown Tue 20 Jul 199350220-220611NL  Previously owned by Freek Van Hout
524Nick ClarkThu 22 Jul 199351020-088102GB+ 
525Tom HartleyThu 22 Jul 199351020-080392GB+All red faded from cabinet and a tad grubby but everything works and it plays like a dream. Mods fitted: gumballs, rocket ship, piano, camera, diverter magnet, 9.4H roms, white clock LEDs, slot machine target reinforced.
526John IlgenfritzThu 22 Jul 199351020-219761US+Re-import?
527Andy JonesThu 22 Jul 199351020-080012GB+Faded on one side. Reinforced slot target, Gumballs. 9.4H Roms. Needs new clock. Bridge divertor clunky. Otherwise ok.
528Kevin MartinThu 22 Jul 199351020-081042US+ 
529Dave RobertsThu 22 Jul 199351020-080152GB+ 
530Mike AxelrodFri 23 Jul 199351520-030822US+ 
531Leo ChiassonFri 23 Jul 199353220-186406CA+ 
532Terry CooperFri 23 Jul 199351020-083032GB+Mods Piano Gumballs Door Flashers Rocket Ship Rev L-4
533Mark DalyFri 23 Jul 199351020-217441US   
534Mike  ParkinsFri 23 Jul 199351020-217891GB+Nothing unusual about it, apart perhaps from the castors on the legs to help me move it around the room! Visitors always welcome to play on it
535Terry SullivanFri 23 Jul 199351020-219671GB+ 
536Marcos WoehrmannFri 23 Jul 199351020-222061US  Eurpean/Resold in US
537Tim TewaltSat 24 Jul 199351520-083772US  Japanese Export
538Pekka SalmiaMon 26 Jul 199351020-080082FI+9.4H ROMs, coloured clock (fully working when obtained)
539Gonzalo MirandaTue 27 Jul 199351020-089642ES+Good condition
540Brian EwaniukWed 28 Jul 199353220-183432CA   
541Mark MetcalfWed 28 Jul 199353220-184052AU+Shopping it bit by bit but in good condition. So far fitted a clear ramp, gumballs, and put LEDs in the clock
542Blair HarknessThu 29 Jul 199351720-182232NZ+Have had alot of electrical probs with this over the years, if u need help, ASK!
543Remco JonkerThu 29 Jul 199351320-183892NL   
544Richard HanschuFri 30 Jul 199351720-185352NZ+Nearly perfect condition playfield - recently fully shopped. Minor damage to side panels and slight fading
545Patrik  LantzFri 30 Jul 199352520-180052SE  Color Clock . 9.2 rom, Shopped and 100% working
546Daniel PolskiFri 30 Jul 199352520-089212SE   
547Mark van der GugtenFri 30 Jul 199352520-230621NL+ 
548Dawn and Mike AppoloMon 02 Aug 199353220-180862US+ 
549John EidsonMon 02 Aug 199353220-182552US+9 out of 10. No playfield wear with upgrades.
550Dale StevensMon 02 Aug 199353320-147232US   
551Frank BandiTue 03 Aug 199352720-187012CA+ 
552Adelfo CavaWed 04 Aug 199350220-088292IT+ 
553C.L. GhentWed 04 Aug 199353220-088482US+9.4c ROMs, RBLiz Clock, Pinbotz Backboard Decal.
554Chris HowardWed 04 Aug 199352720-231431US+Fully shopped, works perfectly, added many mods.
555John MohrWed 04 Aug 199352720-231371US  With coin door Interlock !
556Leon MonclaWed 04 Aug 199352720-180192US+ 
557Thomas MorackWed 04 Aug 199352720-142642US+Pinballpro subwoofer installed, gumballs, PBLiz boards, my one & only pin.
558Gord SimpsonWed 04 Aug 199352720-233071CA+Absolute mint+ condition! All original no broken plastics, Colour clock, will be updated to PinballLizzards clock board. Spent most of its life on a farm.
559David M. StottWed 04 Aug 199352720-078992US+9.4H ROMS, Plastic Gumballs, LED Robot Mod, Piano Mod, PB Lizard Clock and Trough Proximity Boards
560Scott StraubWed 04 Aug 199352720-089412US+ 
561Unknown Wed 04 Aug 199352720-186962CA+Previously owned by Tim Rudland
562Stu McBrienThu 05 Aug 199351420-187742AU+ 
563Johan De MeulderFri 06 Aug 199351420-188482BE+color clock, yellow lock
564Chris GrahamFri 06 Aug 199351420-187542GB+ 
565Steve LoftFri 06 Aug 199351420-188312GB   
566Gary SmithSat 07 Aug 199353220-134192US   
567Paul SommersSat 07 Aug 199350620-185552AU+ 
568Mark GibsonMon 09 Aug 199353220-145842US   
569David GrattanMon 09 Aug 199351720-185052NZ+For sale
In perfect condition. Just serviced
570Wayne SimmonsMon 09 Aug 199350620-147022AU+ 
571Rob TurnerMon 09 Aug 199350620-186162AU+ 
572Brian DeuelTue 10 Aug 199353220-146602US+ 
573Kerry StairTue 10 Aug 199353220-145902US+Original tagged factory sample playfield PROTOTYPE in a donor cabinet. See detailed notes.
574Kevin CraneWed 11 Aug 199353220-146982US   
575Scott FreemanWed 11 Aug 199352720-146472US+She may not be a 10, but she cleans up real nice! Born and raised in the USA. Matching numbers, and untouched boards. Added proto left spiral sign to explain the lamp, magnet to right ramp diverter, and Park-a-boo.
576Jesse KujawaWed 11 Aug 199353220-147132US+Second owner. PF 9.5, CAB 8, Translite 9.5
577Kevin WrightWed 11 Aug 199353220-146582US+ 
578Nick AngelThu 12 Aug 199352720-079252US   
579Damon BealsThu 12 Aug 199352720-147932US   
580Ari SovijärviThu 12 Aug 199352520-158152FI  Rebuild machine
581Jon Thu 12 Aug 199352720-186972US   
582Steven McIntyreMon 16 Aug 199350620-145532AU+ 
583Keith O'NeillMon 16 Aug 199352720-190861US   
584Joe KovackTue 17 Aug 199350220-258641US+White Clock, left spiral sign, gumball flashers and updated with 3rd. magnet!!!
585John PalingsTue 17 Aug 199350220-262511NL+ 
586Paul FrankeWed 18 Aug 199399999-031095NL   
587Christhonie GeldenhuysThu 19 Aug 199352520-262311ZA+Excellent condition. ROM 9.4H
588Kevin DenshamFri 20 Aug 199325250-157742AU+Best Pin I have, 3rd Magnet, Door Flashers, Gumball LED's + Balls, White Clock with LED's, Pyramid Topper, TZ Street Lamp, Pinball Pro Speakers, Toy Slot Machine, Toy Camera, Toy Rocket, Toy Robot, Toy Piano, New Cabinet Decals and Custom Cooling System
589Andrew DudinskyFri 20 Aug 199353320-089752CA+ 
590Jordan MelvilleFri 20 Aug 199353320-026301CA+Rebuilt clock with Pinball Lizard boards. Game in Mint+ condition - was in the basement of a bar its whole life out of sunlight and getting very little play
591Andrew SummerfieldFri 20 Aug 199353320-263481CA+9.4H rom, Beautiful condition.
592Jasper CramwinckelMon 23 Aug 199353320-263841NL+ 
593Lew MortonMon 23 Aug 199353320-263421US   
594Peter SchoenmakersMon 23 Aug 199353320-157662NL+Nice machine, in good condition
595Glen LovsinTue 24 Aug 199353320-262611CA+Condition is a 9.5 overall. It looks and works like new, fully shopped. Only thing is a little corner damage (repaired) on the head. Everything is original to my knowledge. Lucky find for me bought in Michigan. L-4 Rom.Clock clear plastic.
596Oliver  Matzhold Fri 03 Sep 199350320-164271AT+the one i love
597Unknown Mon 06 Sep 199350720-161811BE  mint condition,color clock,yellow lock
Previously owned by Nico Broos
598John VorwerkMon 02 Nov 200952520-230621US+Reimported from Holland. Purchased at 2006 Pinball Expo, Chicago. Excellent playfield, etc, but cabinet was hacked.

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